Noah's Flood and Creation Science Applications of Geology in Australia

The idea that scientists are totally impartial and will follow where the evidence leads is simply not true. Instead, scientists have their starting points, biases, opinions, want to see if an idea has merit and so forth. Biblical creationists have the starting point that the Bible is not only reliable in matters of faith, but also correct when it addresses matters of science, history and other things. Secular scientists (and Bible compromisers) begin with atheistic naturalism, long ages, evolution and a rejection of the Bible as a reliable record of historical events.

Dr. Tas Walker discusses geology in Queensland, Australia from a biblical perspective. The evidence fits the Flood model far better than standard uniformitarian models. The principles he describes can be applied to other areas as well.
Kangaroo Point Cliffs / Wikimedia Commons / Figaro
Regarding geology, nobody is observing the past. People attempt to deduce what happened in the past using observations and deduction. Dr. Tas Walker uses a biblical Noachian Flood model in his approach to geological data, and the result is that the biblical model is superior to the secular uniformitarian model in explaining what is seen.

His article discusses parts of Australia, and he tells us that the principles demonstrated can be applied elsewhere, not just this particular area. You are urged to read "The geological history of the Brisbane and Ipswich areas, Australia". It rocks!