Microscopic Machinery is at Work in You

The human body has been likened to a machine with all of its components functioning together for existence and procreation. Animals can also be compared to animals; I tell my wife that I like watching Basement Cat, the Feline Machine. To some extent, the machinery comparison can be extended to plants as well. It becomes easier to notice the similarities as we learn more about biology, even down to the molecular level.

Your cells are far more complicated than this machine
Pixabay / PublicDomainPictures
In fact, the components of the living cell were considered simple. In fact, our cells are loaded with extremely complicated machines and mechanisms that were designed by our Creator before mankind began to dream of them. I cannot see how, on an intellectual level, someone could believe in time, chance, mutations and so on, and deny that life is intricately designed. But it is not an intellectual battle, it is about ideologies and rebellion against God. 

Here are a few new reports:
  • ATP powers chemical reactions and has a kind of spark plug
  • Ultraviolet light damages cells, but DNA has a protection function
  • Some cells are tagged for the trash, but sometimes the tags must be ignored
  • Cell division is tightly regulated; I'll need to see your license, please
  • Chromosomes are pulled apart, but surveillance regulates the process
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