Evolutionists Carping About Shark Genes

Darwin's Cheerleaders have been making up their "Just So" stories with imagination that would make Kipling envious. If someone chooses to suspend their disbelief and ability to think, some of the stories of evolution can almost make sense. Beginning with evolutionary preconceptions, Darwinists construct tales of life coming from non-life, then progressing through many stages, branching out and culminating in the huge variety of life forms that are seen today. Scientific observations have refuted these stories time and time again, but the faithful cling to their evolutionary views despite the evidence, not because of it.

The idea of one kind of fish evolving into another kind of fish that flopped onto land and evolved into air breathers is a long-believed story. Sharks are supposedly related to one of those early fishes. However, genetic studies (a constant enemy of evolutionary conjectures) of sharks have shown serious contradictions to what these scientists expected to find. Yet again, there is nothing surprising to creationists here.
Evolutionists believe that the ancient ancestor of modern humans arose over 450 million years ago from sharks that had a cartilaginous skeletal system (a class called Chondrichthyes, or cartilaginous fishes).

Over long periods of time, sharks supposedly evolved into fish that had a bony skeleton (a group called Osteichthyes, or bony fish). As the mythical story continues, fish evolved into vertebrate land animals, ultimately resulting in various types of mammals, including humans. The key problem with this whole fanciful tale is that discoveries in modern genomics completely contradict it. In fact, several recent research reports show that alleged ancient shark genes and genomic features are more similar to mammals than they are to bony fish.
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