Moons Spouting Off About Recent Creation

Are you familiar with the expression, "The same thing only different"? 'Tis a silly phrase and I really don't like it — except when it's useful. It came to mind when reading two articles about two moons orbiting two planets. Many of the events discussed were extremely similar.

Mosaic of Jupiter's moon Io, NASA / JPL / USGS
Ice particles on Saturn's moon Enceladus, NASA / JPL / SSI
Quite often, the solar system does not cooperate with stories given about its formation because of many anomalies; some things just don't work. With these two articles, we have two moons that are recalcitrant. Io (a moon of Jupiter) was rowdy, firing off huge amounts of volcanic material that should have been dissipated long ago according to deep time belief systems. In addition, Saturn's moon Enceladus is shooting ice into space. Enceladus should not be able to do this. In both cases, scientists used an implausible explanation and expect people to believe it, what with them being scientists and all. One very similar "theory", two different moons ejecting different materials. While the activity of these moons is fascinating, it does not cause biblical creationists to come up with ad hoc "explanations".

Here are the two articles, and they will not take you an astronomical amount of time to read them. First, "Solar System Geysers—Each a Fountain of Youth". Second, "Io Volcanoes Go Hyperactive".