Mendel and Genetic Limits

Some people have the mistaken notion that so-called "microevolution" (small-scale changes in organisms) lead to "macroevolution" (goo-to-you). (Some atheists dishonestly charge that creationists made up those words to deceive people.) Use of these words is discouraged by creationists, as "micro" and "macro" involve change in a different direction.

Federal Republic of Germany, Gregor Mendel, 1984

While Charles Darwin was saying that small changes led to big changes, Gregor Mendel was experimenting with genetics, using peas. Mendel wondered if he could support Lamarckian evolution (a concept that Darwin disliked), and actually refuted it when he discovered the laws of genetics. His work also demonstrated the opposite of Darwin's speculations. Again we see that the Bible is right, things reproduce after its own kind and does not change into something completely different.
One of the “heroes” of evolutionists is Gregor Mendel, a European monk who experimented with plant breeding in the latter half of the 1800s. While his contemporary Charles Darwin specifically tried to replace belief in creation, Mendel claimed he was trying to understand God’s creation. Evolutionists like to quote Mendel’s findings as proof for their beliefs, but in reality he demonstrated the strict limitations of biological change.
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