Archer Fish Takes Aim

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One creature that creationists and Intelligent Design proponents have long liked to discuss is the archer fish's hunting abilities. It was already impressive, knowing that it could lurk below the surface of the water and squirt out a jet of water, knocking an insect off a branch into the water below as a guest for lunch.

Wikimedia Commons / Pearsman Scott Foresman
The argument for design becomes even more impressive with the fact that further research shows that a fair amount of physics is involved with the archer's arching. Too many details are present that can be accounted for by evolutionary means.
The secret of the archer fish’s powerful spits has been discovered, and it isn't powerful muscles.

The fish that shoots bugs out of the air uses physics, a paper in PLoS ONE declared. By letting physics amplify the momentum in the drop shot out of the water, the fish achieves six times the wallop its own muscles can attain.
You can read the rest of this short but interesting article by shooting over to "Archer Fish Amplifies Muscle with Physics".

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