Magical Mystery Evolutionary Explanations for the Cambrian Explosion

To reuse an old joke, "Evolutionists must be in great physical shape. After all, they get a lot of exercise by running down creationists, side-stepping relevant facts, and pushing their luck".  The "Cambrian explosion" is a layer in the geologic column where fossils of many fully-formed multicelled animals "suddenly appeared", with no transitional forms. It has been a source of frustration and attempted explanations for many years. But the magical realm of conclusion-jumping may bring joy to the faithful., The Question Evolution Project, Magical Evolutionary Thinking

Microfossils were found in rocks that are considered older than the Cambrian layers. They don't know quite what was fossilized, but evolutionists are confident that by ignoring evidence and logic, and shoving evolution into the observations, that they can solve the enigma of the Cambrian explosion. The magic of evolution! They still can't get past the fact that the Noachian Flood is the most logical explanation.
Are Megasphaera microfossils ancient embryos? Encysted protozoans or giant bacteria Algae? Or are they extinct animals? Evolutionary scientists still aren’t sure just what these tiny fossils are. But they are confident of one thing: Megasphaera are the 600-million-year-old evolutionary ancestors that will solve the enigma of the Cambrian Explosion.

Slicing through a new batch of Megasphaera microfossils, a team of scientists from Virginia Tech and the Chinese Academy of Sciences has found the fossils represent several stages in the life cycle of a multicellular organism. Measuring just 0.03 inches (0.7 mm) across, these small spherical fossils come from South China’s Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation, supposedly “60 million years deeper” in the geologic column than the Cambrian Explosion.
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