Saturn Situated and Other Space Surprises

Earth is in a special spot, and obviously the product of the Creator's design because slight variations will mean that life is not possible. (That's the short form of the Teleological Argument, which some people believe is flawed. The argument was briefly mentioned in an earlier post.) Yet, here we are by God's plan. It's more than just our orbit and our sun, we have help from other riders on the cosmic trails (the other planets).

Back in 1972, I had a copy of Thrilling Science Fiction, a bi-monthly publication of short stories. (Turns out that they were reprints, but I didn't know or care.) One was called "The Seventh Planet" by Les Collins (Cole). Funny how I recollect some of it after over 40 years. Anyway, some traveling astronaut made contact with space aliens who wanted a home. They said they wanted to remove a planet so they'd have room for their own, or something like that, and asked if they could remove the seventh planet (this is back when Pluto was still a planet). He thought, sure, who'd miss Uranus? Except that they counted from Pluto inward; by our reckoning, they removed the third planet...

Quadruple Saturn Moon Transit Snapped By Hubble
Four-moon transit of Saturn. Source:
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Aside from the disaster shock value of the story, what if Uranus was removed? Well, they may be repercussions. Let's move in a bit. Spectacular Saturn has a hand in our survival. Hard to believe, but there's what I'd call a dynamic tension out there. If Saturn were closer, it would throw off our orbit and foul up things pretty bad. There's also a problem with the planet's tilt, that would also ruin us.

In addition to this story, there are still more surprises from outer space. You know how evolutionary science is supposed to not only expect, but even predict? More and more, we read about how evolutionists are surprised, startled, baffled, unable to explain, and more about what is discovered. Know why? It's because they have the wrong starting point! The evolutionary paradigm continually fails, but science continually supports biblical creation science and a young universe.
How Saturn saved the Earth, and other news from the ringed planet, its family, and other bodies in the outer solar system.

It takes much more than a habitable zone to give life a stable platform. It requires cooperative neighbors, too. Computer models, reported by Jeff Hecht on New Scientist, found out that Saturn, even though it’s about 800 million miles away from Earth, could have yanked the Earth out of its life zone.
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