Submerged Britain

Although there is abundant global evidence for the Flood, the British Isles are an area that warrant special study. Uniformitarian assumptions keep leading researchers on dusty trails to dead ends and wrong destinations. Great Britain was completely submerged at one time during the Genesis Flood, but uniformitarian geologists refuse to accept this, and often will often refuse to examine the evidence. For example, Siccar Point in Scotland does not have much information about it because of uniformitarian assumptions; this is the same kind of bad science that has held back research in biology (such as "junk" DNA) and other areas because they think they have things all figured out.

FreeImages / Ben Nevis via Carn Mor Dearg Arete / biscuits17
Radiometric dating is no account because of the bad assumptions involved (knowing the beginning "parent" quantities, the decay rates, and the ending "daughter" amounts). Further, those decay rates have been shown to be not constant. Having the same materials yield different dates, and even having rocks of known age calculated to be millions of years older than they really are, should cause serious geologists to be skeptical of the adherence to radiometric dating in their field. Fossil content in the British rocks does not help "deep time" assumptions, either.

Even so, using some uniformitarian materials, creationists can show that Britain was submerged, all at the same time. This flies in the face of secular geology, even though geologists will reluctantly set aside their assumptions and graciously grant that there have been occasional flood catastrophes. The evidence actually points to the Genesis Flood. If they'd get past their erroneous presuppositions and cognate on the evidence, geologists would be more likely to reach accurate answers.
Our focus in this paper is to show that when we examine geology holistically, rather than burrowing ourselves in small detached details, confirmation of the recent Flood emerges.

The UK, because of its relatively small size compared with the world’s land mass and the early development of geology here, has been explored to a higher level of detail than many other countries. This paper presents evidence from within the uniformitarian paradigm that the UK experienced a complete flood recently. In the process we show that there are also other pointers, quite independent of flood legends, to the whole world having experienced a global flood. Other researchers are then encouraged to complete this story geologically.
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