Field Trip to Giant's Causeway

Tas Walker conducted a large field trip to Giant's Causeway, a World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland. A causeway is an elevated road, often above wet ground or water. The legend for this one is that it was built by a giant. Giant's Causeway is interesting not only because of the rock formations, but is studied by geologists. This trip had several participants (and even had a few tourists there join in).

Giant's Causeway / Pixabay / Ben_Kerckx
Most of the time, all people here is the biased viewpoint of uniformitarian old earth geologists, and other views are rejected as "not science" because they do not support evolutionary ideas. Here, Dr. Walker explained the geological features from a biblical creationist Genesis Flood perspective, and showed how the standard views are often lacking. Edit: Moments after this was published, I found out that today is Tas Walker's birthday. In the off chance he sees this, happy birthday!
In September 2014, I visited the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland to conduct two geological tours on the same day. In all almost 90 enthusiasts came from all over the province, and some from Republic of Ireland, even as far south as Dublin and Athlone. The event was organized by CMI-UK/Europe in partnership with Creation Outreach Ministries of Northern Ireland.

The aim of the tours was to train people to see how the Bible explains the rocks and landscapes. We wanted people to understand how this worked, and not just take our word for it, so we made a point of discussing what we could actually see as we walked along the various paths (figure 1). Then we would explore ideas about what could have happened in the past, events that would explain the features in the present, including explanations by long-age geologists. We were careful to stress that stories about what happened in the past are speculative because we cannot go back in time and make observations. However, the approach taken for biblical geology is different from that of long-age geology. It has a logically defensible basis because it does have observations of past events—observations made by those who were present at the time, which have been written down and passed onto us in the biblical account.
You can read the rest of his account by clicking on "Geological excursion at Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland:A giant first—interpreting an iconic World Heritage Site using biblical history".