Asteroid Impacts, Lava Flows, and Dinosaur Extinction?

So what was it really that done in them dinos, anyway? Some people claim that "science knows" what happened to them, but "science" knows nothing. After all, science is not a sentient being. Also, even thought the dominant theory among secular scientists is that an asteroid smashed into the earth, that raises more questions and speculations, such as why mammals didn't all die, too. There are actually many guesses as to why the dinosaurs cashed in their chips, and some parts of the "theories" that scientists are not so forthcoming about, as you'll see in the article linked below.

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Some are going to volcanic activity for the demise of the dinosaurs. Or maybe a combination of volcanic activity, long-term decline, and the asteroid. Oh, boy. May as well add in the constipation theory to the volcanoes and fireball from the sky. Or we can use the biblical creationist models of the Genesis Flood, the Ice Age and so on. But that is unacceptable to evolutionists, because Creation and the Flood were recent events, and secular worldviews require billions of years to wish evolution into happening.
An impact drove the dinosaurs extinct; or was it volcanoes?

For decades, the most common tale about dinosaur extinction has been the impact hypothesis: a meteorite finished them off. There’s the smoking-gun crater in the Yucatan, isn’t there? This theory gets treatment as “received knowledge” by the press. It’s simply assumed, as in PhysOrg’s headline, “Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs may have nearly knocked off mammals, too.” This article claims that early marsupials perished in the flames of the impact, somehow giving placental mammals their chance. Result: humans.
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