Ichthyosaurs Getting Icky for Evolutionists

Ichthyosaurs. Those varmints are causing consternation for evolutionists. They can't figure out where the "fish lizards" of dinosaur times came from (hint: they were created, not evolved), so they give in to some interesting speculations on them. Additional news makes things even worse for Darwin's acolytes.

Varieties of ichthyosaurs. WikiComm / Nobu Tamura, compiled by Levi Bernardo (CC BY 3.0)
Although they looked like dolphins and breathed air, they were cold-blooded. Since they're probably extinct (evolutionists think they were well-suited for their environment, so extinction is another stinker for them), the most likely explanation is that they died in the Genesis Flood. Another testimony of the Flood is that there are soft tissues found in ichthyosaur graveyards. Also, a mother that apparently died in labor and the young were rapidly buried.
Ichthyosaurs were marine reptiles that looked amazingly like dolphins, which, though resembling fish, are mammals. The name comes from the Greek ichthys, ‘fish’ and sauros, ‘lizard’. This clear case of shape similarity in fish, ichthyosaurs, and dolphins can’t be attributed to inheriting this shape from a common ancestor. Although evolutionists call this ‘convergent evolution’, a better explanation is common design.

According to the evolutionary story, ichthyosaurs lived at about the same time as the dinosaurs. In particular, they appeared suddenly 250 Ma (million years ago) with no trace of non-ichthyosaur ancestry, and died out 90 Ma, before the last dinosaur (65 Ma).

The exquisite preservation of the fossils indicates rapid burial. If the ichthyosaur died giving birth, that in itself would not explain the fossilization.
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