When Did the Very Good Creation Get Very Bad Things?

How do biblical creationists explain some of the things we see in nature? After all, the Bible clearly teaches that everything was created vegetarian in the beginning, and God said his creation was "very good". I suspicion that "very good" supports the contention that living creatures, נפש חיה, did not experience death for a short time because death was not a part of God's creation.

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Indeed, death entered through sin (Romans 8.19-23a), and death is an enemy (1 Cor. 15.26) — do you reckon that death will be a part of the new creation at the end of it all? Not hardly! So, back to the big questions: From a biblical creationist perspective, where did death, pointy teeth, venom, poison and all that stuff enter into the picture, and can this be addressed without compromising on scriptural truth? There are answers that are theologically sound, and also have scientific support.
One of the most common questions asked of Christians is some version of: “If God is so loving, why are there bad things in the world?” The implication being that if God created this world in the state it is in, He can’t be ‘very good’ Himself. This is sometimes used as a reason to reject belief in God.

Exodus 20:11 states God created everything in 6 literal days. But that then means that claws and poison must also have been created within those 6 days …

CMI’s Creation Answers Book devotes a whole section to explaining this in great detail, providing not only a philosophical answer but also addressing more detailed questions such as, ‘What about animals that have attack/defence structures that seem ‘designed’ to hunt and kill (or protect them from such activity)?’ Again, this is because skeptics of biblical creation have used the (reasonable) argument that a ‘good’ God surely wouldn’t have created creatures designed to tear other creatures to pieces etc.
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