Bill's Un-de-Nye-Able Propaganda

So, Bill Nye wrote a book. Ken Ham, his debate opponent on February 4, 2014, has authored, co-authored and edited dozens of books. Ham writes a lot, nobody bats an eye. Nye writes one book, and everyone loses their minds. The difference is that Nye is a celebrity propagandist for evolution, which he equivocates with "science", and Ham teaches biblical creation science — which is considered "cool" to bash nowadays.

Wikimedia Commons / Ed Schipul (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Bill Nye apparently can't stand Ken Ham. In interviews and things, he refers to Ham as "that guy". The question has been raised that if Nye trounced Ham in the debate like his fans claim, why doesn't he promote the video, which is available to watch free online? Perhaps it's because he misrepresented many things and told several untruths. Or maybe because the debate format itself was appallingly bad. Even so, Ken Ham's not afraid or ashamed of the debate.

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Why should anyone care about his book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation? Because he continues his misleading, disingenuous and sometimes dishonest attacks on biblical creation science, and he uses bad science as well. The following review shows some of these concerns about this anti-creation crusader's writing, with references and additional material to further show how he is misleading many people.
Some people think the “Great Creationism Debate” between Bill Nye and Ken Ham represented a battle between science and the Bible, but the Bible and science are not at war. In the debate and in the ongoing duel of ideas expressed in these two books, the battle is between man’s fallible evolutionary ideas for which Bill Nye crusades with evangelistic zeal and God’s infallible Word, which Ken Ham defends in his book (in accordance with Jude 1:3). Biblical truth is by no means at odds with observational science, and it will triumph over man’s godless assertions—particularly Nye’s caustic caricatures and denial of a straightforward reading of God’s inspired Word (2 Corinthians 10:4–5).
You can finish reading this lengthy but information-loaded article by clicking on "Book Review: Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation". Also, if you have a mind to and some time, you can see the debate itself (skip ahead to the 13 minutes 14 seconds mark for the actual beginning).