Anti-Creationist Intolerance Helps Show the Importance of Question Evolution Day

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by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

For many years, I have long contended that people are bombarded with goo-to-you evolution as if it was a fact. Darwinian evolution is not confined to college textbooks and academia, it also permeates our literature, entertainment, animated cartoons, everyday speech, politics, sports, and more. In addition, Darwin's Cheerleaders are so intent on protecting their fundamentally flawed worldview from scrutiny, they resort to sneaky word games such as equivocating "evolution" into "science", so that when we say that we oppose evolution and affirm creation, we're "science" deniers. 

Anti-creationists are also very evangelistic, although many of those owlhoots don't even know what they believe and why, they just "know" that evolution is true and we're wrong. Somehow. Two of their favorite tools are badgering and ridicule, and those are often intertwined. A politician says that he rejects evolution, and leftists get in a blood frenzy, attacking the "science denier". For instance, Paul Broun publicly rejected evolution, and the media went after him, digging up other things to add to the poisoning the well story. I'll let you do your own search on Twitter.

The Evo Sith are intolerant of creationists presenting (and even having!) views that affirm creation. Take a look at the vituperative comments that atheists made on this article on The Christian Post about Question Evolution Day (the nastiest stuff was deleted). Attacks on other creationists and me have been documented on this site, so I won't link up a passel of them just now. 

In my article "More On Anti-Creationist Bigotry", I brought up some news from the sports world:
Since I am not much of a follower of sports, the next two items were furnished to me. The first one is about how an NFL football commentator made a remark about his lack of belief in evolutionism. He was strongly attacked. Second, I was tipped off about how baseball player Curt Schilling argued against evolution on Twitter. A surprisingly good article about Schilling's experience is here, and if you do a search for this topic, you'll see some amazingly vitriolic posts against him.
I remembered this because Doug McBurney's "The Weekly Worldview" Conservative podcast brought up something else from the world of sports that made me get riding at a full gallop. Dave Pasch and Bill Walton are ESPN college basketball sportscasters. It was Pasch's birthday, and Walton wanted to evangelize Dave to "science" (see, equating evolution with science again), so he gave him a copy of Papa Darwin's On the Origin of Species. It's bad enough to try to convert someone to an unscientific atheist philosophy, but to use an outdated, cumbersome, boring tome like that one? I reckon that Walton doesn't realize that traditional Darwinism has plopped on the trail long ago, and Pasch wouldn't learn anything from Origin of any significance anyway.

My point in all this is that people are harassed for doubting evolution. Question Evolution Day is a way to show some solidarity. We can accomplish several things:

  • Raise awareness that there is strong scientific evidence against evolution and in favor of creation
  • Show that some of us still believe in academic, intellectual, speech, and other basic freedoms
  • Point out that real science thrives on examination and doesn't need to be protected
  • People who have not seen or heard evidence against evolution can be prompted to follow links, read material, watch videos, and so on
  • Ultimately, for biblical creationists like me, evolutionists can learn that their worldview is irrational, and evolution is actually contrary to science — only the biblical Christian worldview (beginning at creation) has the necessary preconditions for human experience
Ironically, a comment on an atheist-dominated anti-creationist forum stood out by an "I'm not an atheist, I just act like one and side with them against creationist" hater. It was meant against us, but fits what we contend with from their ilk: "Its time to break free from those who would tie us down and box us up in their own small-mindedness." Yup. Break free of small-mindedness and science limitations from evolutionism.

You can be a part of Question Evolution Day, and it won't cost you anything, not even a sign-up. Click on the picture at the very top to go to the page with further information, links to graphics, videos and more. You can click here to see our Facebook Page, The Question Evolution Project. We can encourage people to examine the evidence and think for themselves.