Atheism and Evolutionism Are Illogical

This post is a follow-up to "Charles Darwin, Creationist at Heart?" It won't be easy, because the content sometimes is deeper than the Colorado River at the 135 Mile marker. But the content is important.

Evolution is a cornerstone of the fundamentally flawed atheist worldview, and both are irrational. They do not comport with reality, and do not have the necessary preconditions of human experience. Science, logic, morality and more are impossible if atheism and evolutionism are true. Professed atheists hate God, but claim that they do not. Their conduct betrays them with their emotional, illogical attacks on God and Christians. This post from Atheism on the Slide helps illustrate my point.

Only the biblical Christian worldview (beginning at creation) is consistent and makes sense of those conditions for human experience. Yes, atheists and evolutionists can do science, act logically and be relatively moral because they are made in the image of God who upholds all things, but they cannot comport their views with reality.

There is a documentary that I really hope you'll watch. It has some drawbacks, however. First, it takes an hour (that's why it's not embedded, I understand that too much video information slows down sites). Second, the background music, which would be well-suited for book reading, is a bit too loud. Third, it talks about Reformed theology. There is very little of that in here. I'm not Reformed in my theology, but I still like the content. Finally, the narrator is not exactly exuberant. Even so, the material is important, as I said. Now that you have an idea of what to expect, you can see the video by clicking on "Atheists Don't Exist".