Geomagnetic Field Reversals and Ideology

Uniformitarian geologists, using their standard "the present is the key to the past" presuppositions, have used a dynamo theory to explain the earth's magnetic field. They also need to explain the magnetic field reversals. Although they don't really understand it and have a plausible model for it, they have the magnetic field reversing itself over huge amounts of time.

Secular geologists are scrambling to find excuses to downplay scientific evidence for rapid magnetic field reversals as predicted by creationist scientists.
Dr. Gary A. Glatzmaier / Los Alamos National Laboratory / U.S. Department of Energy / PD
Evidence has been found for rapid field reversals that jump the uniformitarian fence; lots of theories and speculations are in jeopardy. This bothers the secularists, because it fits predictions made by biblical creationists like Dr. D. Russell Humphreys. Creationist models of the Genesis Flood involve many catastrophes, including catastrophic plate tectonics, changes in radioactive decay rates — and those pesky very rapid magnetic field reversals. At first, the evidence was being faced. Then they chose to find ways around the evidence with dubious new tests. In addition, other tests have supported the findings.
For almost three decades the paleomagnetic record of extraordinarily rapid polarity reversals of the earth’s magnetic field in basalt lava flows at Steens Mountain in southern Oregon has stood as a challenge to the conventional millions-of-years geodynamo model. It has also been a severe embarrassment, because it is consistent with predictions of rapid polarity reversals of the earth’s magnetic field during the Flood according to the young-earth freely-decaying electric currents model for the generation of the geomagnetic field. Thus there has been a recent attempt to re-measure the paleomagnetic record in the Steens Mountain basalts using a new untried method, but the results and their re-interpretation are far from convincing. Instead, published at the same time, a new independent study of the paleomagnetic record in mud layers in a former post-Flood Ice Age lake in Italy has used Ar-Ar dating of interbedded volcanic ash layers to constrain the timeframe of a well-documented geomagnetic polarity reversal to less than 100 years. When accelerated radioactive decay is factored in, the timeframe for this reversal is reduced to just months, further stunning evidence consistent with the young-earth model for the earth’s magnetic field and rapid reversals during the Flood and its aftermath on a young earth.
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