Rodent Fossil Gnaws at Evolutionary Tree

A rodent fossil that kinda-sorta resembles a groundhog has been causing some difficulties in some Gondwana and evolutionary circles. A skull was discovered (except for the lower jaw) that was rather well preserved, causing some classification difficulties. One problem for paleontologists is that, according to their worldview, it was found in dinosaur strata, and shouldn't be there. Because of the discernible features, this critter does not fit into the three major mammal classifications, and is a candidate for its own classification. It has also been called "primitive".

A fossilized rodent skull that resembles a groundhog is causing a stir in evolutionary circles. It doesn't belong in the main mammal groups, and the evolution story may have rewriting yet again, after the circular reasoning is done.
The fossil has a resemblance to a groundhog. This groundhog clip art has a resemblance to a groundhog as well.

Scientists are using their worldviews to "explain" its transition, the hows and whys of its evolution, and its relationship to other mammals — using circular reasoning and selective data citing. Indeed, they may need to rewrite evolutionary history. Again. Biblical creation scientists do not have to keep forcing facts into preconceptions, nor do they have to significantly rewrite theories every time a new discovery is made.
The lucky discovery of a 5-inch long skull belonging to an extinct 20-pound Mesozoic groundhog-like animal threatens to rewrite the evolutionary history of mammals. Dubbed Vintana sertichi (because “vintana” is Malagasy for “lucky”), the skull (minus its lower jaw) was found fossilized in Madagascar with lots of fish in a large block of sandstone dated late in the “age of dinosaurs.” Believed by evolutionists to have inhabited a large southern land mass known as Gondwana 66 million years ago, it is the first good representative of the gondwanatherians, previously known only from isolated teeth and jaw fragments.
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