Maddening Moon Magnetism 1

More studies of Earth's moon are getting evolutionary space scientists all frazzled. They require "deep time", and evolution requires huge amounts of time or else the story won't work. But the more they cognate on space stuff, the more they find out that their discoveries don't reconcile with their tale-spinning. Today, we see that the man in the moon is trolling secularists.
Full Moon with Earth's Horizon and Airglow Visible at Left
Image credit: NASA (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Despite the desires of participants in the Deep Time Rodeo, the moon once had a strong magnetic field. In addition, there are other features of the moon that say, "I'm young!" Naturally, secular scientists dance around the evidence and make up excuses to avoid the logical conclusions of a young Earth, moon and solar system itself.
Ponder this under tonight’s full moon. Scientists now say the moon once had a magnetic field stronger than Earth’s is now.

It’s a big surprise. How could the moon, much smaller than the Earth, have a strong magnetic field? Yet it did, a new analysis of Apollo moon rocks reveals, according to Benjamin Weiss, a professor of physics at MIT.
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