Higgledy-Piggledy Evolution and Atheism

Evolution is a cornerstone for the religion of naturalistic atheism. Neither evolution nor atheism is rational.

Almost from the beginning, there have been people who wanted to find ways to deny God. With increasing ferocity over time, such denials have reached the irrational level of attempting to deny that God exists in the first place. One of the cornerstones of the religion of atheism is evolution, which is itself an ancient pagan religion that has been given a veneer of "science". You can have all the axioms you want, old son, but when they build on arbitrary assumptions, you have not really built anything scientific. (For that matter, there are owlhoots that try to confuse you by conflating "evolution" and "science", then they can mislead you by saying that creationists are "anti-science", which is a flat-out lie.)

Atheism has its own origins mythologies that are just as incoherent, unscientific and irrational as atheism itself. But people foolishly rebel against the Creator, putting their faith in false reason and conjectures about origins. Only biblical Christianity has the necessary preconditions of intelligibility and human experience.
The question of origins (where did everything come from) has only two possible answers. Either the universe arose by itself or it didn’t. If it did then some sort of cosmic evolution must have taken place to account for reality. If it didn’t then there must be a Creator. There is no third option.

Many people seem convinced that the theory of evolution is based on an analysis of brute facts that clearly prove evolution has been a real process throughout history. As arch-evolutionist Richard Dawkins said:
[Y]ou have got millions and millions of pieces of evidence which no reasonable person can possibly dispute.
However, every person has an ultimate starting point of belief about the question of origins, a presupposition that is simply accepted as true without proof, or an axiom. Even if one says that their ultimate starting belief is the result of the analysis of a collection of facts that lead them to that ultimate starting position, it remains that at the root of their belief system they will always have a starting point that cannot be supported further.
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