Evolution and Playtime

Evolutionary scientists are presenting speculation as actual science again, basing their reasoning on assumptions about the unobservable past. Someone left the gate open on the corral, and the horses of speculation are wandering into the Not Evolution range. That is, why something evolved, since natural selection is supposed to be purposeless.

Young Basement Cat getting acrobatic on a flimsy wooden drying rack.
This was before she became a heifer.
Scientists like this seem dour. Play not only evolved, but evolved for a purpose, never mind that these are mere assertions. Often, play takes creativity, especially in humans who are clowning around for entertainment purposes. Instead of using the utilitarian route, how about considering that the only purpose is to have fun, and the Creator granted us this bit of joy?
Yes, your dog enjoys play, say biologists, and so do birds, dolphins and many other kinds of animals. How did “having fun” evolve?

Current Biology’s first issue of 2015 is about animal play. The special feature includes these papers:
You can read the excerpts and analysis at "Is Animal Play Just an Evolutionary Survival Mechanism?"