Star Nurseries: Pillars of Preconceptions

Secular astronomers, like their counterparts in geology, biology and so forth, begin with assumptions of long ages and that large-scale evolution is true. From there, they build their scientific speculations. In the Eagle Nebula, a photograph was taken of what is called the "Pillars of Creation". Don't misunderstand, this has nothing to do with biblical creation. Instead, they claim that stars are being formed.

NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI / AURA). Misnamed "Pillars of Creation" are touted as stellar nurseries. But nobody has seen a star form. In fact, a young universe from a biblical creationist perspective fits the observed data better than secularist speculations from preconceptions.
NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI / AURA)
Problem is, they are arguing from a passel of preconceptions and presuppositions. Despite the claims, nobody has ever seen a star form. (I've been ridiculed for such statements because "scientists say" they see stars forming. Okey dokey, you go ahead and sit there for a few million years and let us know all about it, all right?) One creationist said that he has no problem with the idea of stars forming now (if it can be proven) because God designed the processes and the materials are in place. But it was a big "if" for him.

The fact remains, they make statements without evidential support based on their preconceptions. Better explanations fit the biblical creationist young universe model.
In 1995 the Hubble Telescope photographed spectacular columns of gas, illuminated by nearby stars, in a section of the Eagle Nebula. The enormous columns of gas in this famous photo have been nicknamed "pillars of creation" since secular scientists insist that new stars are being "born" within them.

In celebration of the Hubble Telescope's 25th anniversary, a new photograph was taken of the same region in the Eagle Nebula, but this time the image was captured in both visible and infrared light, in order to reveal more detail. As before, secular astronomers are claiming that this area is a "stellar nursery" in which new stars are being born. However, although stars have been observed explosively shedding large amounts of material in nova and supernovae events, the birth of a star has never been observed—not even once.

If stellar birth has never actually been observed, why do secular astronomers claim that the Eagle Nebula is a stellar nursery? They do so for several reasons. First, dense gas pockets called evaporating gas globules (EGGs) are found at the tips of finger-like projections that extend from these gas columns. Some stars are seen inside these EGGs, and secular scientists interpret these as newly-formed stars. But secular scientists have not actually observed new stars being born; they have simply concluded that stars within the EGGs are new, based upon their ideas of star formation.
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