Lithium Ruins Big Bang Predictions

The amount of lithium in the universe is another serious problem for Big Bang proponents. Blurring the data does not help. Biblical creationists do not have these problems.
Lithium is the lightest metal. Big Bang proponents make predictions on what they expect to find that bring to mind the logical fallacy of affirming the consequent. "If the Big Bang happened, then is seems mighty likely that we'll find certain elements in certain quantities. We find them, so it must have happened." Sorry, Hoss. There are other possibilities for your observations — if they're correct. The amount of lithium doesn't fit the theories.  Not all scientists, secular or creationist, accept the Big Bang.

Lawrence "Theoretical" Krauss insists that the Big Bang is true, and gives "evidence". Some of the elements match predictions of Big Bang proponents, but his material on lithium is false. (I could be like some anti-creationists and say that he's lying, but I don't know that he's intending to deceive. It's possible, sure, atheists do that, but I won't casually make that possibly libelous affirmation — unlike some people.) The fact is, lithium is in the wrong quantities to support Big Bang concepts, and they know it. Biblical creationists do not have to keep adapting and obfuscating the data.
It is often claimed that the abundances of the light elements predicted by the big bang model match the measured abundances of those elements, and hence constitute evidence for the big bang. However, the actual abundances of the two isotopes of lithium depart significantly from big bang model predictions. The discrepancy is so great that scientists term this the primordial lithium problem. Therefore, rather than providing good evidence for the big bang model, the abundances of the light elements represents a significant problem for the standard cosmology.
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