Piltdown Superman and 2015

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by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Happy New Year! Not that I think there's anything special about changing calendars or New Year's celebrations, but it's a good time to stop and plan. Some of my readers may know that my goal is to get these written and scheduled from 3-7 days ahead of time. But that's short-term planning, I reckon this is about longer-term planning.

A side note for people who like to make resolutions: Don't get carried away. If you make a big list, you'll probably get discouraged trying to do too much. If you make a big list, fine, but I suggest that you do just do a couple of resoultions. In a month or three, do a couple more.

Where was I? Oh, yes. I'm back behind my unlicensed assault keyboard, bringing you evidence that refutes the fundamentally flawed evolutionary worldview, and supports the reality-based biblical creation evidence. The big attention-getting holidays are over with (including Thanksgiving for Americans), and there's nothing of significance down the trail for a ways except for February 12, Question Evolution Day. So, let's see...

The Question Evolution Project logo

The Question Evolution Project
The Facebook version of TQEP has had some growth in "Likes", especially lately. We hit 2,000 Likes on December 30, 2013, and have passed 3,890 Likes at the end of 2014. (I liked the numbers on New Year's Day in 2014 — we had 2,014 "Likes".) When people click "Like" on posts, leave comments, share articles and so on, it helps spread the word. Also, I believe (and some people support this) that we have good growth because of our uncompromising biblical creation stance, and also how we don't go riding off after politics, conspiracy theories, and assorted side issues.

Question Evolution Day, The Question Evolution Project

Question Evolution Day
This is linked up yonder in the top paragraph. It's a holiday that I made, which was inspired by the Question Evolution campaign of creation.com. As you can see, the fourth annual is coming up. Anyone who believes in intellectual, religious and academic freedom can be involved in this Web event, and it won't cost you two bits. If you want to have a QED event in your home or church and show videos, have refreshments, stuff like that, go for it. But participation in the event is free. Also, my hope is that it will take off on its own and carry on after I'm six feet under — but people will have to be determined to make it happen.

Popular Posts
The usual process here is for me to read articles, select some from various scientific disciplines (I won't pretend that I understand all of them), write an introduction, do an excerpt, and then link to the article so you can learn from better minds than mine. Sometimes I have the audacity to write my own articles. I don't know much about Google Analytics and if I use the thing right. (Maybe if I was running a business and making money doing this, I'd try harder to get a handle on the thing.) But according to that, two of my top four most-viewed posts were original articles, "Scientism and Blind Acceptance" and "Evolution and the New Atheo-Fascism". Two other big posts were "Evolution Thought Police Increase UK Creation Censorship" (I was thrilled that Creation Ministries International used my "meme", you can see my "writing" on the top left of the blackboard), and "Setting the Record Straight, Answering Bill Nye", a collection of links refuting Nye's bad "science" and sometimes dishonest remarks at the debate with Ken Ham. I want to add that "Finding Anti-Creation Facebook Fakers" was also in the top ten.

I'm no graphic artist, ain't no way. But I can do some tinkering. Most of the grapics I use are public domain, free-to-use, Creative Commons, and things like that. Also, sign and "meme" generators. Some "memes" are very popular, and have shown up in many places on Facebook and so on.

2014 was good in some ways, and terrible in others. Gained some haters, some libelous stalkers got even more irrational, made some friends that I hope will stay in touch, the Page gained fans and supporters, and more. I learned a great deal about theology, human nature, unwillingness to relinquish materialistic worldviews despite evidence, evidence refuting evolution and supporting biblical creation, theology, and other things. But I had some difficulties and challenges. Some of those were illnesses, death, financial setbacks, yada yada yada. Through these, my faith has remained intact, and even grown. For Christians reading this, please pray for me and for the other Admins at The Question Evolution Project.

We're going to hit the ground running in 2015, and I'm going to continue to bring you articles that I hope you like and can use (going to pass the 1,000 posts mark this year if I don't keep deleting old ones). As usual, there will be the occasional surprises and items to keep things interesting. In addition to giving you information, I want to encourage and help equip Christians to stand on the authority of Scripture and learn about creation science. Evolution is scientifically bankrupt — the evidence points to Creation, and supports God's written Word.