Evolutionists Blunder on "Bad Design" Claims

More and more, we can see that molecules-to-meteorologist evolutionists have some serious problems with logic and prejudicial conjecture. Case in point: bad design. The human eye is badly designed, so God didn't intelligently design it, so it must have been evolution. I reckon such a claim is not the product of intelligence.

Evolutionists blindly parrot the ignorant claim that the human eye is poorly designed. People who actually know about the eye show that our Creator designed the eye quite well, thank you.

Logic and science don't work that way, old son. First, the fallacy of bifurcation in the "either God is a bad designer (or doesn't exist), therefore, evolution did it" idea. No third possibility? Anyone? Bueller? Okay. There's the fact that people talking about this are not ophthalmologists, no do they go beyond a superficial examination to support their anti-God tunnel vision. (When it comes to theistic evolutionists and other false teachers who corrupt the Bible, it's called "proof texting". Very similar to what's happening here.) Another possibility is that they simply do not want to see that the eye is well-designed, because that would mean there's a Creator and evolution did not do it. Upon closer inspection by people who know what they're talking about, the "bad eye design" is dismissed.
Evolutionists believe they have discovered numerous design flaws in living organisms. According to them, flaws arise because organisms evolve bit by bit over long ages in a ruthless struggle to survive. Death, not intelligence, is embraced as the means that “fractions” out the DNA needed to build new traits in a process that somehow operates without thought or purpose. Brown University’s Kenneth Miller explains how his evolutionary beliefs contrast with seeing creatures as being made by a wise, benevolent God:
Though some insist that life as we know it sprang from a Grand Designer’s Original blueprints, Biology offers new evidence that organisms were cobbled together layer upon layer by a timeless tinkerer called evolution.
Anything cobbled together by a “tinkerer” would likely have many mistakes—especially when compared to the creations of a craftsman. Thus, the evolutionist’s argument is that the presence of design mistakes reveals evolutionary tinkering and not the work of God. Richard Dawkins thinks he sees some huge problems in how the human eye is put together. To him, creationists are caught in a dilemma—either God did not design the eye or He made mistakes.
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