Looks Like a Dog, Bites Like a Devil

Look at that cute little dog. No, it's a weasel. No, it looks like it could be related to several critters, but the Tasmanian Devil is a marsupial like koalas, wombats, and the like. But I wouldn't advise trying to pet it, they have a mighty powerful bite. Although they're fond of eating, they're primarily scavengers. Their portrayal in some animated cartoons is fanciful, and the fierceness portrayed may be based on its initial overblown reputation.

The Tasmanian Devil's fierce reputation is exaggerated. It is not friendly to evolutionary explanations of it's origin.
Image credit: Pixabay / annca
Evolutionists have difficulty giving its origin, using words like "probably", and the fossil record does not show much change over the years. Creationists offer an explanation for their dispersal after the Genesis Flood, but admittedly their speculation is about what likely happened.
One of the most undeserved reputations of all in the animal kingdom belongs to a marsupial, (Sarcophilus harrisii). Early written reports described it as “untameably savage, highly destructive to livestock and with such a fierce bite that ordinary-sized dogs were no match for it.” Even the scientific genus name means ‘flesh-lover’.

When a boatload of English officers, sailors and convicts settled by the Derwent River in South Tasmania in 1803, one could understand if they were somewhat apprehensive listening to the devil’s alien shrieks and screams during the night. Some descriptions bordered on the farcical, stating the devil will “slay other creatures for the mere wanton lust of slaughter.”
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