Human Life and the Cold Road of the Evolutionary Worldview

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

As secularism takes hold in the rest of the world, it eventually reaches Canada, and then the United States. Indeed, Belgium recently allowed a child with a terminal illness (whose name and age are unknown) to be granted a request to be euthanized. Now, many countries have a legal voting age of 18 or 21, presumably based on the belief that minors are not mature enough to vote. Currently, the voting age in Belgium is 18, but a child has the maturity and wisdom to decide to end his or her own life? Not hardly! To further illustrate how Belgium is morally conflicted regarding children, that country may be lowering the age of sexual consent to a mere 13! What do you think is the root cause of these things? Increased secularization.

The evolutionary worldview has heavily influenced global secularization. We have to be steadfast in worsening times.

A recent report in Canada's National Post tells of how the academic journal Bioethics discussed a debate about disallowing conscientious objectors to abortion and euthanasia to be barred from refusing these procedures to patients. Your conscience, your religious values — those have to be stashed in your saddlebags while you're working. It's easy to see that this can escalate to a rule that if you don't agree with secularist views and place a value on human life that interferes with the state's protocol, you cannot be in the medical profession.

France is on the way to making it a crime to have pro-life activities and Websites. Their biased and misleading wording is staggering. A similar proposal by Steve Clark in the Journal of Medical Ethics suggests that medical professionals who object to abortion and euthanasia should have their objections evaluated by tribunals! Right, they should have the say whether or not someone has a serious conscience-related concern. And  medical pro-death activity is going on in the United States United States

Contrary to these things, Christians, especially biblical creationists, believe that men and women are created in God's image (Genesis 1:27), and life is sacred. Since Darwinian evolution gained a stranglehold on science, people have been taught that we are nothing more than animals at the top of the food chain. We are falsely told that the Bible is disproved and irrelevant.

Christians have been a preserving force to slow society's journey down the cold road of the evolution-based worldview of the secularists. Many humanists, evolutionists, and others with a materialistic mindset want us silenced. To reach this goal, our legal rights have been challenged directly and indirectly. Barring legal means to stifle us, those who hate God and the Bible seek to demonize us through ridicule, misrepresentation, outright lies, and more. If they get their way, whether by our removal by God (the rapture), tremendously increased persecution, or some other means, what happens? Secularists are more likely to get what they want. They may realize they've reached their goals and regretted it, but hold the satisfaction that Christians and creationists are not around to interfere.

In the 1931 dystopian novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (an evolutionist maintaining the Huxley family tradition), human life is nothing special. The worst obscenities possible are "mother" and "father", since there is no birth, marriage, or family in the civilized world. Sexual promiscuity is encouraged from an early age (everyone belongs to everyone), but homosexuality and other perversions were not considered. Contraception is a part of the many things that are conditioned into a child after it is "decanted" from an assembly line process. Abortion is easy, but usually unnecessary. Embryos are dumbed down to fit the needs of society, and more are grown or made as needed, whether with full mental capabilities, semi-moronic, or others between them. Alphas would not be happy with doing menial Epsilon work because they have their full faculties, while Epsilons have the least brain power.

There was a de facto secularist religion, and Ford's name was an epithet or a curse (Henry Ford was revered because of his invention of the assembly line). Society was fond of new things, and one reason that the real God is not considered is because he, and the Christian religion, are old, therefore, undesirable. Interestingly, science and art are also suppressed, and they keep science on a tight rein. Society's primary goals are personal happiness and the stability of society. Science, religion, and art threaten the stability, Ford be praised.

The community, and pleasing oneself as well others, are expected, stress is eliminated through the conditioning and embryonic growth process (Huxley included a few discredited remarks about evolution as "facts", including "gill slits"). Also, stress is dealt with through the recreational drug soma, which is encouraged by the state. Children were conditions to consider death irrelevant, so euthanasia was no big deal. Interestingly, Huxley (the author of the story) was dying of cancer when he was euthanized with LSD at his own request.

A short story got my attention, "2 B R 0 2 B" (to be or naught to be) by Kurt Vonnegut. In a future society, old age is nonexistent, and birth is seldom planned. So, if someone is born, someone else has to volunteer to die or the newborn child is killed. If you want to read it, click on "The Project Gutenberg EBook of 2 B R 0 2 B, by Kurt Vonnegut", or to listen for free, go to "Short Science Fiction Collection 020", it's the first entry and takes about 19 minutes.

I'll allow that secularists are not the only problem. There are pusillanimous "Christians" who are compromising on biblical principles, not only accepting materialistic presuppositions, but also encouraging them. Notice how conservative, Bible-believing Christians are the ones who are told to change, to compromise. Roman Catholics, evolutionists, deluded theistic evolutionists, homosexuals, atheists, terrorists, or any other Bible-denying group — they don't budge, continuing to reject the authority of the Word. To be accepted or seem "relevant", certain religious folks compromise on the truth. All of us will stand before God and have to explain ourselves, and I'm glad I won't be in the place of those who wreck the faith of others (Luke 17:2).

We need to learn how to defend our faith, beginning in Genesis, which is the foundation for all major Christian doctrines. As many of us keep saying, we need to know what and why we believe and develop critical thinking skills so we can spot the sidewinders who seek to destroy our faith. While we still have free speech and free thought, we must persevere for the name and glory of Jesus Christ.

I have some material for you to read and hear if you've a mind to. I hope you do. First, what started me on this was Albert Mohler's The Briefing podcast. You can listen to that or read the transcript here. Second, Janet Mefferd interviewed Alex Schadenberg from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. You can listen to the interview at this link on SoundCloud (free to listen online, downloading requires a free SoundCloud account). Finally, I want to present you with an important article. Click on "Forced abortion and euthanasia? — ‘Bioethicists’ want to force doctors to murder". Be equipped, and stand firm. Secularists are on the warpath.