Evolutionists Slap Down Author Over Dinosaur Remark

Gemma Tarlach is an author of fiction and nonfiction (with experience in journalism as well), and does a heap of hiking on her many travels. She is an evolutionist, and has had articles in Discover magazine. A recent article caused an uproar because she gave her opinion on what she saw: a carving that looked like a dinosaur at the Church of Tsminda Sameba. That raises many questions about what the people in that remote location saw, when, why they carved the images, and so on.

An evolutionist wrote that an ancient carving looked like a dinosaur, and secularists went ballistic. Their evolutionary dogma is threatened. Again. Still.

She didn't say that it was a scientific conclusion, she just said what she thought it looked like. Advocates of common-ancestor evolution were on the prod and gave her some slapping down for her remark. "After all, we know that dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million Darwin years, right? Our materialistic presuppositions require it, don'tcha know. And don't be saying that stuff, creationists will find out and make hay with it!" Or words to that effect.
Window dressing on the rock wall of a medieval church stirs unbelief, anger among anti-creationists.

At the outset, we are not going to claim with absolute certainty that these carvings are dinosaurs. But look at the photo included in an article for CMI by David Lewis. If you didn’t know where it came from, or when it was made, what would you think?

Gemma Tarlach sure thought they were dinosaurs. In her June 1 blog entry for Discover Magazine (written independently of the CMI article and apparently without knowledge of it), she startled her mostly-secular readers with a shocking headline: “FOUND: Medieval Dinosaurs!” (exclamation point hers).
To read the rest (and I hope you will), click on "Medieval Dinosaurs Too Incredible for Materialists". The CMI article that was mentioned is "Dinosaurs in Noah’s vineyard".