Stromatolites Confound Evolution Again

The hands at the Darwin Ranch get a mite agitated when the discussion turns to stromatolites. They get big and bold, claiming that stromatolites support evolution, but in reality, stromatolites support the Genesis Flood models of biblical creationists and refute evolution.

Evolutionists are debunking their own origin of life conjectures for us. In this case, stromatolites are fouling up their timeline again.
Wikimedia Commons / Didier Descouins
This time, the consternation involves chemical evolution (abiogenesis, the alleged origin of life). Stromatolites have been dated a few zillion Darwin years old, back to a fictitious time when life was unable to evolve in the first place. Nice of them to continue to debunk their own conjectures for us, isn't it?

May as well admit it, old son: life did not evolve, that's why there's no evidence to support your faith. Life was created on this here planet, made special for us.
Perhaps the greatest problem for evolution is where and how the first biomolecules and cells originated by means of random processes. And if that problem wasn't substantial enough—essentially statistically and biologically impossible—a new discovery makes the odds even worse. Colonies of complex fossil microbes have recently been found that allegedly push the origin of life to at least 3.7 billion years into the past—a period of time thought to be unfavorable for life to begin.

Fossils found by scientists in Greenland are now thought to be the oldest evidence of life yet discovered. The research team from the University of Wollongong just reported their stromatolite findings in the prestigious journal Nature. Stromatolites are biologically derived rocks formed by colonies of microbes that live in shallow marine waters. In fact, living photosynthesizing stromatolites can be readily observed today in the Bahamas and are thought to be the oldest living forms of life on earth.
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