Plucking the Spider Strings

We may not always appreciate spider webs, especially when walking into them unexpectedly, but they are actually marvels from abilities given to the critters by their Creator. They are strong, and have different kinds of threads for different purposes.

Although they can be annoying at times, we have to admit that spider webs show amazing design. Now we learn that they are "tuned" much like the strings of a musical instrument.

Further analysis of the webbing has shown some additional fascinating details, including how webs are similar to musical instruments. Spiders adjust them like a musician tunes the strings of an instrument, gaining a great deal of information. Two reports are discussed in the link below. The first one is a nice change, scientists doing science, but the second has baseless homage to evolution. Amazing how God gave spiders the ability to make such intricate webs, isn't it?
Spider webs are so finely-tuned, they are like musical instruments that the creatures can strum or listen to.

Here’s an article showing how science can be reported without Darwinese. In “Tuning the instrument: Spider webs as vibration transmission structures,” PhysOrg reports work on spider webs by scientists from Madrid and Oxford. The emphasis is on the fine-tuning of spider webs for sensing vibrations as a source of information to the spider. The article treats a spider web as a virtual musical instrument:
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