Living Fossils on the Dinner Menu

We hear about living fossils, those critters that show up in the fossil record under different names than their still-existing counterpart. Proponents of fish-to-physicist evolution get burrs under their saddles when living fossils are mentioned because they show flaws in their belief system. For that matter, some anti-creationists have said that we invented the term living fossils, but they are a mite uninformed, possibly dishonest, because it was conjured up by Charles Darwin.

A fun fact that annoys evolutionists is that much of the seafood you eat is Mesozoic living fossils.
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The overwhelming majority of fossils are marine invertebrates, and we get fish, plants, and so on. Mammals, not so much. When you tie on the feed bag at your favorite eatery, quite a few items on the menu could very well be the living counterparts to creatures that have been fossilized and given different names. Since the "fossil record" is kind of catawampus (the fossil progression only existing in textbooks and evolutionary propaganda videos), the best explanation for what is actually observed in the strata is the Genesis Flood.
After looking over a long list of “living fossils”—living creatures with fossil look-alikes—I realized many of them are found on today’s seafood menus. What delectable dishes could a Mesozoic seafood restaurant offer a friendly T. rex family? Using real fossils to answer this whimsical question offers new reasons to think that Noah’s recent Flood, rather than eons of evolution, deposited the dinosaur-rich rock layers found all over the earth’s continents.

This thought came to mind when a reader asked ICR if we knew of an exhaustive list of living fossils on the Internet. The best we could find was an incomplete list on Wikipedia. Then we remembered medical doctor Carl Werner’s book Living Fossils, complete with dozens of full-color photos of living and fossil plants and animals set side by side. With Dr. Werner’s permission, a simple list of the living fossils in his book is now available online. Hopefully, more folks can see that the familiarity of the life forms that died alongside dinosaurs opposes the evolutionary dogma of unlimited creature change. Now back to that Mesozoic menu.
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