Revisiting the Flat Earth

Back on August 27, 2016, I posted on one of my other Weblogs about how atheists like to ridicule Christians for believing in a flat Earth. (Funny how they ignore the fact that the leader of the Flat Earth Society is an evolutionist. I reckon that guilt by association doesn't work when applied to atheists, huh?) Since then, I came across some additional — and disturbing — information.

Pointing readers to an existing post that has been substantially revised with additional information refuting flat Earth concepts.
"A rendered picture of the Flat Earth model.
The white around the outside of the globe is thought to be an 'Ice Wall',
preventing people from falling off the surface of the earth."
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Trekky0623
There is an increasing number of professing Christians (I suspicion that many are atheist owlhoots) who claim to believe that Earth is flat. This is why I said above that I find it disturbing.) Some of their reasoning is based on Scripture that is not properly understood, and I reckon that some want to think they're spreading "important" things. Some strike me as being plumb crazy, and you'd probably agree if you tried to have rational discussions with some.

It occurs to me that flat Earth believers are like geocentrists and evolutionists: they keep on clinging to their bad science, adding on and making excuses, until the whole thing begins to collapse under its own weight. Seems that the accusation of "science deniers" applies to them.

The additional information I came across has been recent, since Christian ministries and individuals have seen a need to write refutations of flat Earth beliefs from both biblical and scientific approaches. So, I updated an existing post with additional information, including articles and podcasts. To learn more, click on "The Bible and the Flat Earth". BONUS: The video embedded below is not at the link (a different video is there).