Gradual Mutations Do Not Make Humans

Proponents of common-ancestor evolution tend to believe that, with the help of natural selection, the gradual accumulation of mutations over a long period of time can make an ape-like creature into a human. That may sound reasonable on the surface, but the idea is a bit too simple. 

The idea that a few mutations building up over long periods of time can lead to the evolution of a human, but it is far more complicated than that.
Image credit: / M - Pics
To bolster their argument, evolutionists often cite the falsehood that "humans and chimps are 98% similar", which was bad science from the get-go. The alleged high similarity does not tell anywhere near the full story. From there, they may jump to another bit of bad science, the falsehood of "junk" DNA, which has been an embarrassment to Darwinistas. The simple inconvenient truth is that genetics is hostile to evolution, but friendly to creation.

I have had a question about apes-to-man evolution involving mutations. I’ve read on your website that mutations don’t add any genetic information. So my question is, is it possible that an ape-like creature could’ve evolved into human resulting from mutations? Is it possible that mutations could of changed the ape’s features little by little and each mutation could make a feature that results in the ape becoming more of a human? Thanks!

CMI’s Joel Tay responds:

Dear NW,
Nope, that's all you're going to get here. To read the detailed response, click on "Could humans have evolved from an ape-like creature through slow and gradual mutations?"