Proteins Detected on Stone Tools in Jordan

Yet still another conundrum for atoms-to-anthropologist evolution happened with stone tools found in Jordan. These are considered "stone age" (a term that actually is the product of imagination to support evolutionary beliefs), dated at 250,000 Darwin years ago. There are two problems for the Darwinistas.

One problem is that certain tools were selected for testing, and proteins were found and identified. They were killing and carving up meat.

Stone tools with protein residue have thrown off evolutionary timelines. This kind of thing is happening rather frequently.
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 "Big deal. So they forgot to throw their utensils in the dishwasher."

Aye, there's the rub, pilgrim. Cleanliness and all mod cons (modern conveniences) aside, those proteins should not have lasted for such a huge amount of time. This is yet another item to add to the list of faulty deep-time dating methods. In addition, humans were created as intelligent beings. Evolutionists wrongly presuppose evolution, which would mean that archaic humans had not evolved intelligence yet.
Would you expect pieces of meat to survive on flakes of rock in the desert for 250,000 years?

Modern humans are typically dated from 200,000 years ago to the present, according to the evolutionary timeline. Stone tools found in Jordan from “human-like species” older than moderns still have identifiable protein remains of the animals the hunters slaughtered with the tools, according to a press release from the University of Victoria:  
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