Apps in Your Brain

Some people go wild downloading apps (applications) when they get a new smartphone, tablet, or whatever. There are millions available, and many are junk — or worse. (I have apps that came pre-packaged that I don't want, don't use, and can't uninstall. Bummer.) It's not surprising to hear someone say, "There's probably an app for that".I reckon some folks have apps on the brain.

Our Creator pre-installed apps in our brains
Credit: Pixabay / Gerd Altmann
The human mind and brain have been compared to computers in many ways, except that our working, uh, hardware is far more intricate and specific than anything a computer company could dream up. There are apps for your brain that sound exciting, and you'd like to download them into it. But that's not possible. Nor necessary. You have pre-packaged evolution-defying apps in the brain, courtesy of our Creator (who wrote our Operator's Manual).

Yep, we got us the Magic Rocks app for our inner ears to help us keep our balance. Then there's the Maps and GPS apps for navigation (obviously). The Handy app helps the brain work the hands. Don't forget the Memory Management app! To learn about these fascinating features, click on "Your Brain Comes Equipped with Techno-Apps".