Cry "Reason" and Let Slip the Dogs of Creation

"But Cowboy Bob, shouldn't that title read —"

Yes, I know, the real phrase is, "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war", from Shakespeare. I figured it was the leashed I could do.

Creationists have used dog breeds for many illustrations, including the variety of diversification that our Creator built into the genetic structure of the dog kind, and also how breeding (artificial selection) reduces the fitness for survival of the animals. 

New genetic study of dog kind diversity
Credit: / Bill Perry
In days long passed, dogs were bred for their abilities. Now they are also bred for their appearance. A new study surprised scientists because they expected certain breeds to be related due to similar traits, and vice versa. But with all of the genetic studying, there is no evidence supporting Darwin's dreadful idea; dogs are still dogs and are not turning into something completely other — even with human interference.
People have loved (or hated) dogs for thousands of years. Dogs were frowned upon as dirty scavengers in Biblical times, but for many centuries more recently, they have been man’s best friend. Because of their usefulness for hunting and herding, people groups around the world have bred individuals to accentuate traits they desired. A new survey of 160 dog breeds, described in Nature, shows that genetics is now allowing scientists to untangle the complicated lineages of different types.
To finish reading, click on "Dog Breeding: Exploring the Limits of Change". Yippie ky yay, secularists!