Evolutionists Still Baffled by Sex

From a materialistic standpoint, the origin of sex is puzzling, and has been so for decades. According to universal common ancestor evolution, the goal for living things is to survive and pass on their genes to the next generation. Not a heap of personal fulfillment or purpose there, really. So why sexual reproduction? Seems like asexual reproduction is the most efficient from an evolutionary standpoint.

Evolution cannot explain origin of sex
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In addition to secularist science deniers that believe someone's sex can be changed, others claim that gender is "fluid", and point to the animal world. A few creatures actually change gender, but this is done because there is a reproductive need, not a personal identity or desire for recreation. They are animals, so comparing them with us is a bit silly. Other critters have the option to lay eggs or give live birth, and there are other baffling reproductive procedures in the animal kingdom. For sexual reproduction between a male and a female, a whole passel of parts have to be in the right place at the right time, or nothing will happen. No wonder evolutionists are confused! In reality, our Creator provided diversity among animals, and sex between a man and a woman in the bounds of marriage is one of his gifts to us.
Researchers in our day still admit they are baffled about the origin of sexual reproduction. Why sex exists is problematic for many reasons, such as the fact that many organisms, from dividing microbes to plants that grow from cuttings, do very well without it. The problem for evolution has always been that sexual reproduction cannot occur until both the copulatory organs are well matched, and the gametes, both the eggs and sperm, are functional so that the union of the two cells produces viable offspring. Sex is a classic case of irreducible complexity.
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