Australian Aborigines and Astronomy

When it comes to indigenous people, evolutionary thinking persists and affects how "white" people like me are supposed to view them. That is, the a priori assumption that atoms-to-aborigine evolution occurred, then the semi-sapient humans began to learn how to survive, think, sit around for a few thousand years and then build cities. Silly thing, that, since the evolutionary timeline does not jibe with human nature. So, what are we to make of evidence that conflicts with the evolutionary narrative?

Pleiades Aborigines stories astronomy support biblical creation refute evolution
Pleiades image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Evolutionary astrophysicist Roy Norris found out that the textbooks on Australian Aborigines were absolutely false. More than that, he learned that they had a deep understanding of celestial objects that belied biased evolutionary assumptions about their culture and intelligence. While Norris maintained his belief system, he noticed the amazing similarities between Aboriginal stories about certain constellations and those of people elsewhere in the world. His explanations were weak speculation, but the facts fit the biblical narrative and other histories that Babel (Babylon) was a center for astronomy, and there was a dispersal of people from Babel: people took their stories with them.
Conventional ‘wisdom’ says that Australia’s Aboriginal people have occupied the land for at least 40,000 years. That view of course derives from the evolutionary timeline, which links these people to a supposed ‘Stone Age’, with its attendant ‘prehistoric’ and ‘primitive’ connotations. And while it’s no longer socially acceptable to speak of nomadic hunter-gatherers as being ‘lesser evolved’ than other peoples, such implications from evolutionary teaching remain widely held.

Consequently, when facts come to light which contradict evolutionary stereotypes, it can come as quite a surprise to those who believe evolution. British-born astrophysicist Ray Norris speaks of this . . .

A personal interest in how Aboriginal people view the stars has led to him also becoming Adjunct Professor in Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University.
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