The Emotion in Your Eyes

People have a whole heap of ways to express emotions, what with tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures, and so on. It seems that our eyes can convey a great deal. Notice how many songs talk about the eyes, and we use expressions like, "I see it in your eyes"? Pictures can convey some of the emotions, but when we're with someone, we can discern an emotion. I was upset and hiding it by giving myself a stone face, but people still knew something was wrong. People who know me can tell when I'm up to something, also.

Credit: Pixabay / PublicDomainPictures
We were created with many special muscles, more than apes have, to help us communicate in a way that is unique to humans. Darwin's disciples have invented a silly story that an ancient ancestor copied from an ape, but conveniently ignore several important details, including evidence and a model. Face it (heh!), we were designed to be different, old son.
Unlike animals, we communicate all kinds of information with our eyes. One subtle glance might express doubt and another joy, all without a word. How did we get this way?
Evolutionary psychologists take Charles Darwin’s answer seriously. Supposedly, artful eye expressions evolved from primates that had no eye expressions. When psychologists from Cornell and the University of Colorado in Boulder presented their research results about eye expressions, they dragged up some evolutionary baggage. The journal Psychological Science carried their 2017 report.
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