Secular Scientists "Discover" What Christians Have Already Known

The hands down yonder at the Darwin Ranch keep coming up with "discoveries" that are nothing new, but they get all agitated about them anyway. In this case, meaningful interaction between fathers and daughters is important. The Bible made it plain long ago about the importance of the family unit, beginning with God's plan for marriage back in Genesis.

Scientists find fathers important in lives of daughters, Bible already said that
Credit: Pixabay / platinumportfolio
Scientists learned that fathers giving stability in the household makes daughters less likely to engage in "risky sexual behavior". Both parents need to be united in child raising, whether boys or girls, and one parent must not undermine the efforts of the other. In addition, kids quickly develop a "divide and conquer" strategy, such as asking the father's permission, adding that, "Mom said it's okay with her if it's okay with you" — but Mom wasn't asked in the first place. That's not a part of the study, I'm sharing something additional.

Since we have a pagan materialistic mindset in much of Western society, secular scientists do not want to give credit to our Creator. Instead, they bow down to their religion of naturalism, giving praise to evolution as if it were an entity. As we've seen far too often, evolutionary thinking prompts secularists to present conjectures based on conjectures, but no actual models or even plausible reasoning.

There is more about the study in Dr. Albert Mohler's podcast The Briefing for June 7, 2017. You can download the episode, read the transcript, or listen to all or part of it online. The whole thing is interesting in my opinion.