Promiscuity Idea Fails Evolution

Promiscuity does not aid evolution after all, new study supports creation science

Another idea in microbes-to-metallurgist evolution is being turned upside down, and it supports biblical creation science. Turns out that promiscuity to increase evolution is inconceivable; it slows down alleged evolutionary processes. Instead, monogamy is the real source of diversification. So for those folks with alley cat morals, you can't use evolution as an excuse any longer.

Once again, a study made speciation the equivalent of evolution. Not hardly! (This old terminology switcheroo happens so often, I wonder if many of these scientists are not so much deceptive as they are ignorant of biology basics.) Creationists believe in speciation and natural selection, which are not the things that add information for evolution to supposedly happen. 

We also have diversification after the Genesis Flood. If you study on it a spell, there were two of each created kind (seven of certain others) on the Ark. They were forced to be monogamous. Aw, I'm stumbling on my words here. Let the author if this article explain:
Conventional evolutionary wisdom has been overturned—again.

Evolutionists have long taught and believed that promiscuity increases genetic and rapid diversity, thereby helping the evolution of new species along. But this “conventional wisdom” has now been overturned by a new study on shorebird populations, led by the University of Bath’s Milner Centre for Evolution.
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