Canals on Mars Prove Evolution!

Yes, it's true. A famous astronomer built on the work of a previous astronomer and saw canals on Mars. What, you didn't know? It was in the newspapers, even the New York Times. Except that the big news was in 1907. Seems that fake news is not a new phenomenon, only the moniker is new.

Life on Mars fake news  abiogenesis  has been around a long time
Making use of the Breaking News Generator again
This is where someone might object that scientists makes mistakes, but things got fixed because science is self-correcting. No, not really. Secularists often use the reification fallacy and act like science is a sentient being that makes choices (especially regarding muck-to-mechanic evolution), which is a form of pagan nature worship. Giovanni Schiaparelli thought he saw channels on Mars, and the Italian word was translated as canals (which strikes me as an easy mistake), and Percival Lowell "saw" canals on Mars. He even wrote a book or three on the subject.

Those mistakes were corrected with additional research and improvements in equipment. It also didn't hurt for us to go to Mars and look. Well, not in person, but those space probes, Rover, and stuff sent back some mighty interesting information. No signs of canals or life, thought. The search for life on Mars and elsewhere way out yonder continues, based on the a priori assumption of evolution: they believe that since life evolved here, it must have evolved out there. Scientists think that maybe perhaps it could be that abiogenesis worked somewhere else, since it couldn't happen here. Chance and luck aren't exclusive to us. Yes, some folks really believe that way.

We've seen propaganda reporting from the science news industry in recent times. Dreadful stuff makes it into the textbooks and sets up camp for far too long, including the known fraud of Haeckel's embryo drawings. Secular science media only exacerbate the situation, jumping the corral fence in their excitement and galloping away with misconstrued "evidence", especially for evolution, ignoring reports where the evidence supports special creation. After the dust settles and better information is available, you may have to dig for more accurate material. Meanwhile, Darwin's followers continue to spread fake science news, especially on the internet. Remember hearing that Columbus was told not to take that trip in 1492 because he'd sail off the edge of the earth, and Christians were guarding that flat earth myth? Started and perpetuated by anti-creationists and atheists. They lie, it's their nature. Watch what you're reading and hearing, old son.

Here is a music video by ApologetiX that is based on "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" by Night Ranger. This improved version is "Don't Tell Me We're Lucky".