Bad Science and Extraterrestrial Life

Looks like the hands at the Darwin Ranch must have been ingesting peyote buttons again, since they were presenting some bizarre stuff lately — more so than usual. Since they cannot have discussions with their invisible friends from outer space, evolutionists are commencing to deal from the bottom of the deck again (they're not too spaced out to do that) and being irrational as well as deceitful in their pseudoscience. If the rumor is true, they could have stayed out of trouble by riding into town for a free Slurpee. Since that didn't happen, I have a couple of articles for your consideration.

Wishful thinking for life on Enceladus and elsewhere is making materialsts crazier.
Enceladus image credit: NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute
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These tinhorns are getting our tax money to speculate on non-science such as astrobiology, promoting wishful thinking as scientific hypotheses, evolutionary presuppositions, circular reasoning, and so on. We are paying them to indoctrinate us in their materialistic religion. The secular media is obediently parroting (and possibly inflating) reports by scientists that "organic molecules" exist out yonder. Big deal. Those things are common here and in space, but they do not produce life. Organic chemicals exist on Enceladus, they exist in enchiladas, and they exist in the emissions from my automobile. None of those harbor or produce life, you savvy?

I reckon that some of the maybeness that is being reported is also downright dishonest. Jets and oceans, okay. Life exists without evidence, not okay. Okay? Scientists are assuming evolution and long ages, even though Enceladus and other moons present evidence of a young solar system. That really gets them on the prod!
Is water alive? Are organic molecules alive? No; they’re dead. Someone needs to bring some sense into reporting about life in outer space.

Here are the facts: some organic molecules have been found in the geysers erupting from the south pole of Enceladus, Saturn’s little Iowa-size moon. Is that a big deal? No; organic molecules are very common in the universe. You can find them in meteorites, comets, and interstellar clouds. “Organic” means anything that contains carbon. Your DNA is organic, but so is tailpipe soot. The category “organic” contains a vast number of molecules, all of which are dead. Even DNA is dead outside a cell; it will just sit there and decay, like it rapidly does in fossils. Life, in fact, consists of countless zillions of dead molecules. Only when they are organized into systems that function to metabolize, grow and reproduce do we consider the system a living thing.
To read more about that moon and other news in the area, jet over to "Breaking News! Enceladus Is Dead!" Don't forget to come back for the next section!

Materialists are committed to denying the Creator and finding evidence of evolution practically anywhere. The dealing from the bottom of the deck continues by building their stories on assumptions. People who use critical thinking skills will holler, "Whoa! First, prove that something is living out there, Zeke!"
  • Wackiness continues with the idea, "What if we meet space aliens, and it's necessary to kill them off?" Sure, buddy, collect your paycheck of my tax dollars, there's a good fellow. 
  • Another suggests, "Get every man jack to decode alien signals as a group effort". As long as there's no group hug involved. I don't cotton to group hugs.
  • "Maybe climate change killed them off." Maybe they didn't listen to pseudoscience scares and Nye lies like globalists on Earth, and they're doing right well.
  • "It's been discovered that life is way more common in the multiverse". Pics and papers, or it didn't happen. Just kidding, we know that no research happened.
  • NASA is slurping down the tax dollars in more of what David Coppedge calls Bio-Astrology.
Things are getting really wacky at our expense, both financially and intellectually. 
Week after week, month after month, year after year, evolutionists speculate about imaginary friends they have never seen.

Perhaps our headline appears uncharitable to eminent scientists and reporters. Our response is to just show you what they are saying and let you decide.
To finish this post and read the information at the possibly uncharitable headline, click on "What Is It About Space Aliens that Makes Evolutionists Go Nuts?"