Brain Plasticity and Me

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 
Edited for wording 7 May 2022

This is a look behind the scenes of The Question Evolution Project. I do not post any old thing for the sake of posting, and I seek useful information to feature or add to my original articles. Several articles and such have been rejected for one reason or another in my screening process (guess that's the best name I can give it). A few were what I considered harmful, or were produced by people who have false biblical teachings. If I must feature something from a doubtful or even bad source, there will be a clear disclaimer or warning. For the post part, I give primary consideration to sources that I can trust.

Once in a while, someone wants us to add a horse to our corral by requesting a link to their sites. There was a very strange one a spell back, somebody wanted me to give a link to a fashion site and he thought we would be a good match, and offered me some perks. (Should I become The Fashion Cowboy?) I ignored the letter. He wrote again, and I asked him if he had read the content on this site, since we have nothing in common. No further response.

Our Creator designed our brains to have plasticity, which is amazing and Darwin-defying
Credit: Pixabay / Gerd Altmann
I had posted an article on brain plasticity. Perhaps my correspondent was searching for keywords and found this site. I was conflicted because yes, it seemed legitimate, and had the ring of truth. Also, I had encountered some of this information before.

What was presented was a summary of material credited to the Huffington Post. This is a leftist publication, so that raised my suspicions. It gave a passel of supporting links, and I was pleasantly surprised that there was actual research mostly untainted with homage to the Bearded Buddha (Darwin), and I found nothing objectionable. The article sent to me continued with ten helpful hints summarized from a book by Dr. Michael Merzenich.

I could summarize the article as "make your brain better" self-help material similar to other things that we find on the web and shared on social media. Although it was strictly secular in outlook, I did not find anything wrong with it.

Interlude: a cool graphic.


There are some things that bothered me a mite. First, the email was supposedly from the author, but I could not find any authors for their "improve your life" posts on that site. 

Second, I checked the first of the uncredited images, and it can be found on a book cover, an article at Psychology Today, other places on the web, and especially at Shutterstock, where you pay to use the image. People grab images all the time for their own projects, often without thinking that they could be doing something wrong (it's actually stealing).

Third, the site is in the business of selling supplements, most of which I am unfamiliar and cannot pronounce. While the blog material may be just fine, I do not want to be thought of as endorsing their products — which may be just fine.

People liken the brain to computers, but that comparison is quite lacking. In the matter of brain plasticity, there was a link to an article in my post, "Evolving the Brain's Evolving". Our Creator engineered the brain to adapt and develop, and the neural pathways have multiple functions and make adjustments, such as the way memory is processed. To give universal common ancestor evolution credit for the amazing engineering and specified complexity of the human brain is fatuous. But no, Darwinoids prefer to exclude our Creator from receiving proper credit.

All this may feel like a tease, and you're chomping at the bit to see what in the world I'm talking about. So, knowing that I am not endorsing the site contents or merchandise, but the article sent to me looks very interesting, although godless, here it is: "Using Brain Plasticity to Supercharge Your Brain".