On the Origin of Agriculture

According to Darwin's disciples, it took a mighty long time for the cycle of evolution to happen all the way up to humanity. Then what? Apparently, our ancestors waited for their paint to dry by doing nothing much besides moving around and doing the occasional cave wall artwork. This is against human nature, and our timeline shows that we suddenly commenced to building things and developing agriculture.

Evolutionists have difficulty making sense of humanity's history with agriculture.
The Potato Growers by Jean-Francois Millet
For some reason, people were content to be "hunter-gatherers" for thousands of years until someone got the notion to put something in the ground, wait around, and then chow down on what grew. Eventually, farming developed and agricultural sciences. Evolutionists cannot support this mythology, and they are baffled by our agricultural history.


In reality, the biblical timeline has the answer. Not only were we created in God's image a few thousand years ago, Adam and Eve were intelligent. Evolution was not involved. Their first duties were to tend the garden, not to kill critters and paint caves. Things make sense when the Darwinist presuppositions and circular reasoning are set aside.
Evolutionists are at a loss to explain why agriculture arose suddenly in many regions relatively recently.

At the University of Colorado, postdoc Patrick Kavanaugh does his best to tip-toe around an evolutionary conundrum: If modern humans were around for hundreds of thousands of years, why did agriculture arise so quickly just a few thousand years ago? The University press release promises new clues but no credible answers. We’ll see why when we think about their proposal.
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