Secularists Scrying the Origin of Planets

In the metaphysical monstrosities of materialism, secularists are becoming increasingly mystical. No, they are unlikely to come out and admit to having pantheistic views, but we have seen several times how advocates of cosmic-dust-to-cosmologist evolution have views and procedures that would be more at home with fortune tellers than in science.

Materialists present ideas on the formation of planets that defy both logic and physics, also doing the "scientific" equivalent of crystal gazing.
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These owlhoots appeal to evolutionary magick for biology, but change the wording for use with cosmic evolution, and the same procedures apply. Planetologists are, in effect, scrying. That is, they are attempting to receive messages about both the past and the future by gazing on what they call GEMS: glass with embedded metal and sulfides out in space, then they extrapolate on planetary formations. Maybe they can get visions of their invisible imaginary friends in outer space that cannot exist.

Of course, they use a passel of circular reasoning by assuming that they "know" certain things about the imaginary past, but scry up some more things on the formation of planets that they pretend are facts. Of course, they also cover their speculations with vague terms so they can't get pinned down on their assertions. The obedient lapdog media sends out evolutionary pronouncements and speculations as if they were facts reached through actual science. 

Atheists make metaphysical statements of faith, such as the the universe and the earth seeming to be orderly, but are actually chaotic. Uh, not as chaotic as that horse apple, Hoss:

People should be able to see through their scams by using critical thinking, but that is discouraged nowadays. Just believe in evolutionism and ignore how secularists actually defy the laws of physics. Meanwhile, biblical creationists encourage critical thinking so we can learn the truth about what the Creator has done.
Materialists sound much more confident than they are about their theories for the origin of planets.

Evolutionists have mastered the art of bluffing. So confident are they in their worldview of big-bang-to-man evolution, they can leap over tall anomalies in a single sentence. It takes critical reading to see this. Usually, they will start a paper or article by asserting evolution as a fact, about which there is no controversy, in order to claim their turf.
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