The Mechanisms of Memory

Sometimes we are frustrated when we forget some things, but if you study on it, we are bombarded with many details, large and small, throughout each day. We can be preoccupied with tasks at hand and hurriedly set our keys in a different place than usual, but paying attention and being mindful can be helpful. On the other hand, things we had forgotten for decades can suddenly come to mind by a subtle prompt. We also have direct prompts, such as setting email reminders in my calendar for my doctor appointment or to schedule a post for a certain day.

our brain sorts out the important things for us to remember.
Credit: Pixabay / Pezibear
Our senses can trigger memories. So do strong emotions. We make memory books with photographs, letters, and other physical objects and can reminisce about the events surrounding them. Certain fragrances can bring back people and places. Music can prompt thoughts about occasions, good or bad. Yet, we forget where we left those keys a few minutes ago. Several times, I have struggled to remember where I left something, only to have it come to mind in a quiet moment — the subconscious often keeps working on it.

The mind accesses the brain with various physical functions so we can process information. Although likened to computers, the resemblance is superficial, and the brain is far more efficient. The brain processes information and memories all the way down to the cellular level. Our Creator masterfully designed this part of our lives as well as many others, and it is irrational to believe that these things evolved through Darwinian means.
“Where’d I park my car?”

Our inability to remember details can be annoying. Yet if we understand how our brain works—why it forgets some things and remembers others—we can gain a whole new appreciation for this marvel.

Many people mistakenly believe that the brain permanently stores all the information it encounters, but we just can’t always access it. In fact, we forget many things, which appear to be gone forever. And that’s a good thing!
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