Whale Blasts Conventional Fossilization Story

Yesterday, we looked at "Whale Fossil Frustrates Evolutionists". Today, something more recent.

Through time, chance, and random processes, I ran into Rusty Swingset, the foreman at the Darwin Ranch. He admitted that the standard story of fossilization is still being told despite observable evidence. You have probably encountered it as well. Something dies in or near water, sinks to the bottom, gets covered up over long periods of time, permineralization happens, and a fossil is formed. Except that this does not happen.

What happens when something dies, whether on land or in water? Aquarium owners should know this. It gets scavenged and decays, which means there fossilization over long periods is not possible. Biblical creationists have pointed out many times that it happens when something is buried quickly. The existence of billions of fossils is evidence for the Genesis Flood.

A whale provided explosive testimony that the standard story of fossilization is simply untrue.
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In late 2001, a dead whale was causing a feeding frenzy for sharks. It attracted folks that wanted to get a look-see, and they started doing stupid things. For their own safety, the whale was towed further out to sea, and explosive charges were detonated. It was hoped that this would cause the whale to sink. The whale was obstreperous and did not sink. No way was it going to become a fossil, what with scavenging and such. Indirectly, the whale's explosive testimony reminds us of the Flood and recent creation.
Local charter-boat operators were thrilled with people lining up at Cape Jervis wharf, 90 km (55 miles) south of Adelaide, eager to pay for a closer look. Dozens of boats were busy for days going back and forth to the drifting whale. The regular ferry detoured to allow passengers a first-rate view. Some of the thousands of people who made the trip described the experience as ‘awesome’.
. . .
Next day, police crews from the water operations unit were monitoring the crowd behaviour. Some officials even suggested that laws might be changed ‘to protect people too stupid to protect themselves’. 
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Worried officials, fearing the whale would become a hazard to shipping, or wash ashore causing an environmental crisis, enlisted the police bomb squad to sink it.
To read the entire article, we can meat at the link, "Whale explodes fossil theory".