Lights Out for Star Formation Ideas

Sometimes we see pictures from deep space that claim to show stars forming, "stellar nurseries", and whatnot. In reality, nobody has ever seen a star form because it takes too many Darwin years. Not that stars are anywhere near as complicated as the cells in our bodies. The "star formation" is not from actual science. Instead, the story drives the presentation of what is observed.

Secular scientists tell stories of the formation of stars that do not fit actual science. Now some of these ideas have to be discarded and rewritten.
Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Univ. of Virginia
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As we have seen here many times, indications reveal that the universe is far younger than naturalists want to admit. They still saddle up to ride for the evolution brand, preferring bad science and frustration to giving the Creator his due. Yes, I said frustration. Those speculations about how stars form and keep going need to be revised. Again. Distant galaxies have stars that "should not" be there because those stars are too young to be in old galaxies. Risible ideas of young stars having formed by collisions are offered. Red dwarf stars are lousy candidates to support life, but there are so many, cosmic evolutionists insist on playing a losing game of odds

No, science, logic, and especially the Bible tell us quite clearly that life was created right here. To read about the items listed just above and more, click on "Star Formation Theories Fail to Shine".