More Rumblings in the Cambrian Explosion

Secular scientists and Darwinian enthusiasts tell us that the fossil record shows a gradual progression of gradual to more complex life forms, from the oldest layers to the more complex (but "graveyards" of jumbled fossils put burrs under their saddles). One of the most frequent points raised by biblical creationists in support of the global Genesis Flood and recent creation is what is referred to as the Cambrian Explosion.

The "Cambrian Explosion" has baffled evolutionists and supported creation science for many years.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Mark A. Wilson
The Cambrian layer "exploded" with fossils of fully-formed organisms (including the complex trilobites), and most of these are plants and marine critters — which fits creation science models. Indeed, many have excellent preservation. Secular geologists naturally operate from their deep time views, and want to know what went on with layers they consider older than Cambrian. Not much happening there. One speculation is that fossilization conditions were not happening in the same way. That rescuing device has been refuted.
The scientists found there were similar opportunities for preservation in both the Cambrian and Precambrian rocks, and yet arthropod fossils and trace fossils are found only in the Cambrian sediments. “The lack of euarthropod body fossils in the Ediacaran biota is mirrored in all other preservational regimes in the Precambrian, including BSTs [Burgess Shale Type deposits], phosphatised microfossils, and chert deposits.”
They also found that euarthropod trace fossils are “strikingly absent” during the Ediacaran period.
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